Mission Statement

This family event will provide an opportunity for us to...

...share Hannah’s story.

...honor Hannah’s dynamic spirit.

...inspire people of all ages and abilities to challenge themselves to complete a 5K.

...use the proceeds to enhance the lives of families in our community.


Jennifer Perry


Jenn taught Elementary Band for 5 years, but resigned to care for Hannah after she was born.   She has been a stay-at-home mom ever since. Hannah’s determination in the face of adversity inspired Jenn to appreciate the little things, step out of her comfort zone, and live life to the fullest.   With a whole new outlook, Jenn began living a healthier lifestyle in 2009 and has dropped 130lbs.   She started running 6 months after she began her transformation journey and has participated in many 5Ks, a few 10K’s, and five half marathons. She also invited her kids to participate in numerous Kid Fun Runs, and they have always had a blast!  


Jenn looks forward to opportunities to share her experience, encouragement, and knowledge with others.   She created curriculum to begin a Healthy Living Group at church to foster faith, fitness, fellowship, and FUN!   Through this group she has also instructed the Run for God program, which combines a 5K training plan with bible study.  


Although Jenn hasn’t picked up her flute or any other band instrument in years, she enjoys playing music as a volunteer keyboardist in the church worship band.  


Joshua Perry


Joshua is currently working as an IT Director at Sage Technologies in Rockford, Illinois.   When not at work, Joshua enjoys playing guitar and bass on the stage at Central Chistian Church, and golfing, hunting, and fishing as the weather allows.  


He also spends time trying to beat his young son on the XBOX 360, and trying to do a good job pretending to like dolls and the Disney Channel with his daughter.   Joshua is eternally grateful to Jennifer for all she does to care for the kids in between her numerous 5K runs and half marathons.   He is not much of a runner these days, but he has worked behind the scenes on the website and the mountain of legal paperwork that is required for an event like this.